Launch of One Ocean

The Launch of the ONE OCEANTM Network

A New Standard in Delivery of Underwater Services

ONE OCEANTM network partners, All-Sea Enterprises, Phoenix International and UMC International are proud to announce the launch of their global network for the supply of underwater Inspection, Repair and Maintenance (IRM) services for vessels and mobile floating units/ platforms operating in the global shipping and offshore markets.  With more than 100 years of relevant, shared experience and almost two years in the making, the ONE OCEANTM network presents a formidable new capability to meet the afloat IRM needs of the global shipping and offshore markets.

Rsz Oneocean Wave

Two compatible IRM services packages are presented by ONE OCEAN™.  High Capacity Service (HCS) and Fleet Service Agreements (FSA). HCS involves the underwater Inspection, Repair and Maintenance of thrusters, propellers and sterns seals.  The ONE OCEANTM partners, as individual companies, have experience of delivering a significant number of propeller repairs, stern seal replacements and thruster exchanges across the globe.  The consolidation of this expertise and experience in the new ONE OCEANTM network offers the market a powerful and greatly enhanced service capability with increased reliability and cost efficiency. The following specific support is offered.  


Stern Seals


  • Ship propeller repairs
  • Straightening large bends
  • Removal of damaged blade sections
  • Crack repair and propagation control
  • Restoration of hydrodynamic edge contours
  • Static balancing (calculations on-site)
  • Hydrodynamic balancing (calculations on-site)
  • Replacement of c.p. blades and blade seals
  • Propeller design modification solutions
  • Pitch and camber alterations
  • Diameter and blade area reduction
  • Correction of propeller induced engine overload
  • Contour modification to eliminate cavitation
  • Edge modification, including anti-singing edge correction
  • Lip Seals – Dry repair and replacement of complete systems, seal ring bonding
  • Face Seals – Wet repairs and replacement (deep sea, Cedarvall)
  • Controlled pitch blade palm seal replacement
  • Bow/Stern Thrusters – Shaft seal, blade palm seal, gear case seal replacement
  • Stabilizers – Fin shaft seal, crux seal replacement
  • Stern tube sealing to facilitate inboard repacking of water lubricated stern seal
  • Complete Thruster removal and installation.
  • Wet Thruster Repairs:

- OD Box change - Pitch Distribution Rod change - Pitch Feedback indicator repair - Hydraulic line change - Blade change - Blade seat change - Any internal repair - O-ring replacement

  • Dry Thruster Repairs:

- OD Box change - Pitch Distribution rod change - Pitch Feedback indicator repair

Rsz 1Propeller Repairs

One Ocean Propeller Repair

The FSA model is targeted towards providing entire fleets with an extensive menu of underwater IRM options and a flexible management service.  In short, a reliable, adaptable, outsourcing solution, tailored to each customer’s needs and equally applicable to all types and sizes of fleets; tankers, containerships, cruise liners, Platform Supply Vessels, Drilling Rigs, FSUs/FSOs and many more.  The support offered by ONE OCEANTM‘s network partners include:




  • Class approved In-water inspections in lieu of dry-dockings including propeller & rudder measurements
  • Class Approved In-water surveys for docking extensions
  • Pre-purchase, pre/post charter in-water surveys
  • Pre post dry dock inspections
  • Damage assessments.
  • Coating condition and thickness inspections –Ultrasonic thickness measurement.
  • Ultrasonic shearwave (weld flaw and crack detection)
  • ACFM.
  • MPI.
  • High Capacity Services (in addition to those described above).
  • Permanent Class Approved insert plate repairs.
  • Temporary Hull plate repairs
  • Collision and Grounding Hull Repairs.
  • Underwater coating repairs
  • Fixed and folding stabiliser system repair and replacement
  • Rudder repair and replacement
  • Transducer repairs and replacement (echo sounders, speed logs, sonars).
  • ICCP and sacrificial anode repair and replacement.
  • Hull Aperture blanking to support inboard hull valve inspection and repair.
  • Conventional Hull Cleaning & Propeller Polishing, where permitted by Port Authorities.
  • Environmentally Friendly Hull Cleaning and Propeller Polishing available in the ports of Vancouver, Algeciras, Singapore and to be expanded to other ports in the near future.

 One Ocean Article Pics

One Ocean Stern Seal Repair & Thruster Exchange

Globally, the ONE OCEANTM partners currently have more than 3000 vessels covered by Fleet Service Agreements and the number is growing.

Fundamental to ONE OCEANTMs operating model is providing a single point of contact for a reliable, cost efficient and high quality service delivery through a single, integrated network of services stations.  Currently, the ONE OCEANTM network has 16 IRM hub service centres located in North America, Europe, the Middle East, North East and South East Asia, each serving the local and regional market.  There are well defined plans for growing the network and the number of hub centres will certainly increase over the next few years.

ONE OCEANTM can be contacted by visiting the ONE OCEANTM website (where there is comprehensive “Contacts Us” details) or by emailing