A versatile, compact new generation hull-cleaning machine, proven to remove hull fouling from all known coatings, including the very latest low surface energy paints. 

A unique and compact diver held twin brush machine which has forward and backward assist technology. The machine complements the Mini Pamper hull cleaning machine, for cleaning rudders etc. but is equally capable of cleaning entire ships hulls. Easy to mobilise and can be powered by UMC's LD50 Power pack.

A versatile hydraulic hand tool capable of being used as a propeller polishing tool, underwater drill or core sampling tool, and as a single brush tool to complement hull cleans on large vessels for confined spaces. The tool can be used for cleaning smaller vessels. Powered by UMC's LD 50 power pack. 

UMC manufacture a vast variety of brush types to facilitate removal of very light micro slime to the heaviest of shell and calcareous marine growth. These brushes are available in two sizes (diameters) for use with either our Mini Pamper hull-cleaning machine, or our smaller twin and single brush cleaning tools. Our brushes are designed to be able to remove marine fouling from all types of hull coatings. 

These robust and tough neutrally buoyant hydraulic umbilicals are designed for use with UMC's hull cleaning equipment. The 100m umbilical is sized for the flow requirements of the Mini Pamper Vehicle while the 50m umbilical is sized for use with the UMC single and twin brush hand tools. The neutral buoyancy gives minimal loads to the connected equipment while the smaller diameter 50m umbilical minimises drag through the water for a free swimming diver. 

UMC can supply bespoke power systems to suit customer requirements and preferences. These can be either diesel or electric driven, and can generally conform to space limitations. 

UMC have been manufacturing Neutrally Buoyant Hull Aperture Blanks, to a unique design, for over twenty years. Full sets of blanks are routinely supplied to new building yards in order that the new vessels store them onboard for future planned inspection or emergency maintenance and repair of associated sea water intake and extract system valves and piping. Single blanks can be provided, as can retrofit systems for existing vessels. 

UMC's LD50 powers the UMC twin brush machine and the MKII Hydraulic Hand Tool.