• Marine Construction Services

     Marine Construction Services

  • Installation of piled concrete plinths

     Installation of piled concrete plinths

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     Yacht Lift

Marine Construction

Marine Construction

UMC International provides a range of services for marine construction, ranging from simple inspection and surveys to full turnkey project management under CDM Regulations. These support services are a valuable outsourcing resource for companies that require specialist knowledge of marine works either for construction or for the maintenance and through life support for marine assets. In addition to general construction services such as concreting and foundations, UMC is a sector expert in the fields of scour protection, corrosion prevention and underwater welding.  

UMC has over 40 years experience in marine operations, an impeccable safety record and is fully insured and compliant with all relevant regulations for underwater works. This level of expertise is invaluable to clients in managing their marine projects safely, on time and in budget. UMC also adds additional capability in design, project management and engineering support that allows main contractors to delegate work packages in their entirety producing efficiency savings through project control by marine specialists. We understand that marine environments can be complex and demanding which is why major clients mitigate their risk through support from UMC.

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