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     Shipping - Hull Cleaning Services

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     Propeller Polishing & Propeller Repairs

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     In-water Surveys & Inspections

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     In-water Collision & Grounding Repairs



The commercial shipping sector continues to provide an important client base for UMC. Traditional activities such as in water surveys, underwater hull cleaning and propeller polishing still make up a large part of the commercial shipping work. However, we are continuing to expand our portfolio of services into the commercial shipping sector and continue to develop afloat solutions to meet the demands of the global commercial fleets. There is a demand from many customers to seek out alternative solutions to dry docking a vessel and UMC have developed a number of solutions to assist with customers requirements. These include collision and grounding repairs, involving the use of complex cofferdam solutions. The need to carry out afloat permanent insert repairs in way of defective areas of shell plating. UMC have also seen an increase in the demand for afloat services on various types of stern seals, together with thruster unit maintenance and replacement. Our aim is to provide cost effective solutions to a commercial customer, enabling them to meet the demands of industry and ensure operating costs are reduced.

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