Offshore Services and Products

Offshore Services and Products


Following over 40 years success in providing afloat engineering solutions for commercial and naval shipping, UMC International has developed a number of products and services in support of a variety of offshore platforms.

Our specialist team of marine engineers and naval architects develop innovative solutions to problems requiring underwater intervention to avoid dry-docking of platforms. The team designs all the necessary equipment and documentation, including procedures and risk assessments. Project management is implemented as appropriate, thus ensuring larger projects can be fully supported from concept design through to manufacture and on-site support.


  • A global diving support network and provision of personnel
  • Hull Cleaning using customised cleaning equipment, allowing class inspection
  • Hull aperture blanks for sealing hull openings and sea chests.  Class approved designs ranging from 0.5m² to 5m x 3m and in excess of 7,000 produced
  • ROV installed and operated sea chest blanks for FPSO's
  • Hull insert plate repair using external cofferdams, class approved procedures and dry single sided welding
  • Underwater painting using specialist procedures and equipment to apply a range of anticorrosive coatings
  • Thruster, stabiliser and rudder replacement using well-proven procedures and experience gained on commercial and military shipping
  • Inspection and NDT including crack detection, paint and plate thickness measurement
  • Cofferdam solutions for spud can repairs, repairs to leg linings and external plating repairs